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We are confident that in choosing a Miniature Dachshund puppy you will enjoy many years of  loving companionship.  With the proper care a dachshund can have a long and enjoyable life – 11  to 16 years of age or longer.  Dachshunds adjust to almost any situation. They are great with children when raised with children, as ours are.  They do well in apartments, houses, and farms. They are very good as companions for the elderly and make wonderful therapy dogs.  Dachshunds love nothing more than to jump in for a car ride or to snuggle up next to you in bed. They make great lap buddies. You could not choose a better friend or companion. For every bit of love you give them, they give you twice as much back. Dachshunds are true friends and are loyal  to the very end

Worming and vaccination schedule

Puppies need a series of vaccinations  beginning at 6 weeks of age and continuing every 3 to 4 weeks for a total of three series.  A regular worming schedule is also important for proper care and growth of puppies.  Our  puppies are on a schedule for worming starting at 3 weeks of age and  continuing every 2 to 3 weeks. Your veterinarian will schedule your puppy for his/her one year booster.

Rabies are due by the time the puppy is 3 to 6 months of age.  Check with your veterinarian for local laws.
All dogs need to be on heartworm preventive also.  We start our puppies at 12 weeks old on a heartworm preventive and all adults are on heartworm preventive once a month.


Puppy nutrition

Nutrition is very important.  A good premium dog food assures you a healthy puppy and helps the puppy to have good strong bones, teeth and promotes good body growth.  We feed free choice dry food and recommend this to the new owner of our puppies.

Puppy Stress

You need to be aware that a puppy is a baby and that sometimes babies may get sick due to stress or other related reasons. He is leaving our home and entering a new environment and stress related sicknesses may occur.  We will send home with your new puppy a bag of his own food. Please feed this the first few days to make the transitional period easier on the him/her.

Long Term Care

Your puppy needs to be routinely seen by your veterinarian to ensure he is growing and maturing properly.  We recommend that you neuter your male puppy at a young age to prevent him from learning to “cock” his leg and mark his territory.  If a male puppy is neutered early enough, he will never have learned this habit.  We also recommend you have your female puppy spayed as soon as your veterinarian suggests.   This eliminates the process of dealing with her heat cycle every 6-8 months.
Miniature Dachshunds require minimal routine brushing to keep their coats healthy and in good condition. The longhaired and wirehaired Dachshunds may require extra grooming or help from a professional.  The Dachshund is naturally free from “doggy” odor.



We have chosen not to offer shipping for our puppies.  We feel it is much too stressful for the babies and with our family home schooling, it would be very difficult to drive the 2 ½ hours  to the airport so many times.  We also feel that it is very beneficial for you to meet your puppy  personally before taking him/her home.  It is also a very large added expense for the new owner.  We have had clients purchase tickets themselves and take the puppy home with them in a soft side carrier in the cabin.  This is much less stressful for the puppy as they receive immediate care at all times, and you are able to monitor his/her care.

Payment and Deposits

We accept a $100, non refundable, deposit to hold a puppy and the remaining balance to be paid in cash when you take your puppy home.  Your deposit may be made through PayPal, cash, or money order.